Covers Farm Infill is back. Write to KCC now with your reasons against a 20-tonne truck every 3 minutes, for 6 years or longer

Morants claim they must bring in 84,000+ lorry loads of waste from Erith and South London

Morants Promotions Ltd have produced a further report claiming to look at alternative approaches to their preferred one.  
Kent County Council Planning want your views on their latest submission as well as a summary of your previous comments. Please respond by Saturday 6th March***.     Application number KCC/SE/0495/2018

For earlier information on the application, comments and objections, please click here.

Here is KCC’s notification about Morants Promotions’ latest submission  Covers_Fam_ES_Add_KCC _Letter_1

Here is their latest report. ES Addendum

There has never been reliable evidence supporting the claim that the existing state of the northern quarry face poses a threat to the M25 motorway. Residents in Westerham, Brasted Sundridge and Biggin Hill would like to see such evidence as they contemplate the disruption the proposed option (800K cubic metres of infill) would cause. They are alarmed that the proposed option would entail hundreds of thousands of tipper trucks (please see below)  with all the danger and disruption this means for local roads.

In this new ES Addendum Report Options 3-6, including the preferred one, would each bring endless lorries through Biggin Hill, up and down the winding Westerham Hill, with no passing places. The preferred option would mean as many as sixty extra lorries each day up and down the winding Clark’s Lane on the Croydon Road, with a dangerous crossing point on this same road within the 60-mph limit. It would bring danger on the Beggars Lane junctions, both with the A25 and at the BP garage roundabout. It would bring noise, dust and fumes through Brasted and congestion at Sundridge traffic lights. 
The proposed ‘haul’ road suggested by Options 3-6, including the preferred one, would bring noise, fumes, dust and disruption to Churchill Primary School pupils for 6 years or more. 
  • The actual proposal (Option 5):  800k cubic metres of waste – the application states  84,200 lorries
  • 1 million cubic metres (Option 6) equates to 105,000 additional lorries on our roads
  • The structural engineering option (Option 2). If one accepted for a moment (and no convincing reliable evidence has yet been produced)  that there was an urgent need to shore up the northern face,  the spaced bored piles approach (used at Junction 6 in 2000) could entail as few as 400 lorries and could be completed in a matter of months. It could be combined with careful dewatering. The piles could be buried so that farm machinery could could be operated once restoration was complete.  It would be expensive for the quarry owner, but far less disruptive to Westerham, Brasted Sundridge, Biggin Hill and Tatsfield. So if the work had to be done, why not this one?
Here is Sevenoaks District Council’s objection SDC_21_00239_KCCRG3-OBJECTION_-_KCC-2581644
Here is the SDC Officer’s full report on the application and the ES Addendum  SDC_21_00239_KCCRG3-OFFICER_REPORT-2581648 – Copy
Here is a Brasted resident’ s objection Former Brasted Parish Councillor’s objection_
Here is Tatsfield’ Parish Council’s objection Tatsfield Parish Council’s objection
Here is a Westerham resident’s objection Westerham Residents Objection
Here is another Westerham resident’s objection Obection_Westerham_Resident_2
Here is Keep Westerham Green’s response to the 2020 consultation Keep_Westerham_Green_Objection_Covers_Farm_Reconsultation
The Keep Westerham Green Residents Group and Westerham Town Council will each be making a response to the present consultation. . 
Prior to reaching a decision, it is really important that KCC Planning Applications Committee members conduct a site meeting on the ground. This should incorporate all the access points and approach roads set out in the Transport Annex 10. This is because, without local knowledge, committee members will not appreciate that the approach roads feature busy commercial centres, winding hills, busy junctions and roundabouts as well as conservation areas.
Why is no access being proposed via the A25 from the west, past Oxted and Limpsfield, and then via the EXISTING entrance to the quarry?  The answer lies perhaps in the applicant’s recent Which Way Westerham proposal for a bypass and mass housing to the north of Westerham, tracing the same route as the haul road. 
The carbon and emissions footprint of 84,200 lorries bringing waste from Erith and south-east London would be terrible.
Covers Farm Quarry was not allocated as a waste site in the 2013-33 Kent Minerals and Waste Local Plan – there were enough other sites. Upon review in 2019 it was left out again . It should not be included as a waste site via the back door. 
To see the Sevenoaks Chronicle’s coverage of the new ES Addendum report please click below

*** Saturday 6th March is the deadline announced on the KCC Planning portal, on the advertisement published in the Kent Messenger and on the KCC notice entitled Further Information (see below). This appears therefore to be the effective deadline. Please go to  Application number KCC/SE/0495/2018 and have your say.


(Page header photo shows the lorry congestion created by the Cherry Tree Lodge Golf Club haul road close to Biggin Hill, which lasted two-and-a-half years)

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