Sevenoaks Local Plan hearings soon, Tandridge Plan, in October

Sevenoaks Local Plan Examination Hearings begin soon

Starting on Tuesday 24th September, the Planning Inspector appointed to examine the draft Sevenoaks Local Plan  (excluding WWW’s 600 houses and bypass) will test it for legality and ‘soundness’. More on this below.

At the hearings Squerryes will join other developers and interested parties in challenging this. Read more about this and find out what they wrote in their Hearing Statements here.

The Inspector has prepared a schedule of questions

ED8 Sevenoaks Local Plan Matters, Issues and Questions Draft (2)

and timetabled hearings, which the general public can observe, but not speak at.

ED910 Sevenoaks Outline Programme of Hearings V.1 2.8.19

Keep Westerham Green has produced a summary of the issues and the organisations lined up to appeal below

Summary_Provisional _SDC Local Plan Hearings Schedule

You can see the full schedule at the link below

The sessions from 24th September until 3rd  October  will focus on the overarching questions of the  hearings and the key policies.

After a four-week break, the Inspector will scrutinise sites included in the Plan (not WWW) and finally any policies not previously discussed.

You will find all the SDC documents concerning these hearings if you paste the following link in your browser

Inspector scrutinises for legality and soundness

The Inspector’s job is to test whether the draft Local Plan is sound and legally compliant, and, if not, to recommend major modifications that would make it sound.  If major modifications weren’t enough to make it sound, the Inspector would have to recommend non-adoption of the Local Plan. Sevenoaks District would then have to draw up a new one.  Any major modifications recommended by the Inspector would be the subject of further public consultation.

Developers whose sites had been rejected will argue that the Local Plan is not sound because the Government’s full identified housing need has not been met and that additional site allocations are therefore necessary. Read what they put in their written statements to the hearings here.

Moorhouse DPD and the Tandridge Local Plan Examination Hearings

DPD have definitively withdrawn from their depot project at Moorhouse. However, the site has been earmarked in the draft Tandridge Local Plan as one of four strategic employment sites within the District. Tandridge District Council is seeking to remove the Moorhouse site from the Green Belt. They are talking to the Titsey Estate about the site.

The Tandridge Local Plan Examination hearings will begin on 8th October. You can follow all the sessions on the following webcast  They begin at 9:30 am

Westerham Town Council, and the Surrey  pressure group SORE (Save Oxted Roads and Environment)  have applied to speak against the proposed development of the Moorhouse site as a strategic employment site. This will take place on 10th October.

The Oxted and Limspfield Residents Group will also be making a representation, which may take place on 8th October.

Please click on this link for  the full schedule of the Tandridge Local Plan Examination hearings.



Site of the former Moorhouse Tileworks, earmarked by Tandridge District Council in its Draft Local Plan for removal from the Green Belt and identified as a Strategic Employment Site.

The ‘Stabilisation’/ Restoration of Covers Farm

Kent County Council Planning await information from the applicant Morants promotions (Squerryes). A big issue for the agency in charge of the M25  and KCC’s appointed engineer is the proximity of the proposed haul road to the M25 embankment and the potential danger from this. Read more here.


KWGRG’s Appeal for Funds

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