Keep Westerham Green’s AGM and Public Meeting: Covers Farm infill consultation


Keep Westerham Green Annual General Meeting & Public Meeting 8pm, Mon. 27th January, Westerham Hall, Quebec Ave.

Please come to Keep Westerham Green’s AGM and Public Meeting about the Covers Farm Quarry infill application. 8pm, Monday, 27th January at Westerham Hall, Quebec Avenue.

We’ll keep the AGM short and devote time to sharing information and enabling you to discuss the Covers Farm Quarry application KCC/SE/0495/2018 (See below).

Henry Warde, Kent County Councillor Nick Chard, District Councillor Diana Esler and Westerham Town Council Chair Helen Ogden will be attending.

Hope to see you there. Click below to see Keep Westerham Green’s notice.


Covers Farm Quarry application KCC/SE/0495/2018: consultation is open until 16th February

The Stabilisation and  Restoration of Covers Farm Quarry application KCC/SE/0495/2018 is now available at

Please note the extended deadline confirmed by KCC Planning, now 16th February.

Click here for the official KCC notification.

Please have your say

You can do this

  •  online,
  • via email
  • or by post at Planning Applications Group, Invicta House, County Hall, Maidstone, Kent ME14 1XQ quoting KCC/SE/0495/2018.

Six simple points …

1. For you it means a lorry nightmare

At least 84,200 huge tipper trucks (20-tonnes) bringing this waste from south-east London, 7am until 6pm each weekday, for 5 years.

  • Brasted and Sundridge100 additional  lorry movements on the A25 through Brasted and Sundridge to and from the M25 Junction 5. (42,100 trucks).
  • Westerham Hill (coming via Biggin Hill) – 100 extra lorry movements each weekday going up and down Westerham Hill. (42,100 trucks).
  • Clarke’s Lane, via Warlingham – Possibly 15% of this traffic coming this way, in what the application calls a “stress test”.
  • Beggars Lane garage roundabout  – Altogether means that each weekday there’ll be 200 additional lorries negotiating the BP roundabout. (84,200 trucks).
Map showing where the trucks will come from and how many truck movements there will be each weekday.

Beggars Lane roundabout hazard – the lorries converge here

The approaching from Beggars Lane and Westerham Hill converge at the Beggars Lane roundabout. 200 additional lorry movements every weekday – some trucks in convoy – some attempting to turn right, others going straight ahead. All, trying to enter or leave a single file road.

The Beggars Lane roundabout near the BP garage.

Why will they converge here? Because the application proposes to build a ‘temporary’ single file road  or ‘haul’ road (with passing places) between the London Rd and the Croydon Rd. This will run near Churchill School and the SSSI ancient woodland, Westerham Wood. The route will then continue across the Croydon Rd westward to the Covers Farm pit. (Please see smaller scale map above).

Dangerous crossing point on the Croydon Road, Westerham

In order to manage these 200 daily HGV movements across the Croydon Rd,  a stoplight will be located in the 60 mph zone on the bend just south of the M25. (See below). We leave you to consider the scope for accidents at this point, if this application is approved.

The signalised crossing point on the Croydon Road.

2. There could be well over 84,200 trucks

800,000 cubic metres is the minimum. If this application is approved and Morants can’t get their proposed project finished, KCC wouldn’t be able to stop more infill from being imported, increasing the truck nightmare.

3. Noise, dust, disruption

Westerham residents will endure the huge HGVs and the construction of the endless bunds. Those living closer to the pit will have to endure the effects of the trucks, the earth movers and the onsite plant operating ceaselessly.

4. Environmental concerns

Morants are proposing to haul some of the waste up to 50 km from sites in London. A terrible carbon footprint! Shouldn’t Morants be considering an approach more attuned to current concerns about the environment?

5. Where is the need for all this? 

Morants Promotions Ltd could say that the outstanding order from Kent County Council for  restoration is an obligation. What is contentious, however, is Morants’ claim that the stability of the pit’s sides is a threat to the M25.  This claim is far from proven in their application.

What’s more, the people in charge of the M25, Highways England, are eager that Morants watch for the risks that could ensue from doing this proposed work!

6. Alternatives not properly considered

Morants’ proposed work would be very disruptive and potentially hazardous for local communities. They could carry out restoration in a way that was less onerous for residents and motorists: different engineering techniques, lower contours in the final effect. Their application does not explore these sufficiently.

7. No benefit for you at the end of it

Westerham residents will have had the noise, dust and disruption of the haul road construction, the bund-building and the plant at the sandpit operating ceaselessly.

Residents of Brasted and Sundridge,  after having endured 5 years plus of increased road congestion and air pollution, will never derive any conceivable  benefit from this.

A bit of background

Covers Farm is a depleted sand quarry 1 km to the west of Westerham. A KCC order to restore the site to agricultural land has existed for decades. Now Morants Promotions Ltd (Squerryes Estate) want to go beyond earlier proposed restoration schemes because, they claim,  the water in the northern part of the quarry needs to displaced and the pit’s sides stabilised. They’re putting forward a scheme that involves the importation of  800,000 cubic metres of construction waste over five years.

Fuller information

If you want to read more detail about the application,
read more here.

KWGRG’s appeal for funds

We’re still trying to raise funds towards seeking expert opinion and producing campaign materials. If you are able to make a donation – £ 30, £10 or anything at all – it will make a big difference in the fight to protect Westerham’s Green Belt and to prevent the town from becoming a building site for 20 years.

There are three ways to donate:

Drop in a cheque payable to ‘Keep Westerham Green Residents Group’ or cash to
‘Hunters’ 1A Fullers Hill, Westerham, TN16 1AF. Receipts will be noted.

Make a bank transfer to account name ‘Keep Westerham Green Residents Group’ at Barclays, sort code: 20 88 13, account number: 43902846.

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