The District’s Issues & Options Consultation: findings that concern Westerham

This information comes from the papers Sevenoaks District Council is preparing for their Planning Advisory Committee meeting next Thursday 23rd November at Argyle Road, Sevenoaks. You can see the 3 papers for this agenda item by clicking on the links at the bottom of this feature. 

The District Issues and Options Consultation got a 30% response rate.

The response from Westerham and Crockham Hill was stronger than that from most other wards of the District. We returned 6% of the responses, while we are 4% of the District’s population.

Some of the findings that are important for Westerham:

The Issues and Options Consultation asked respondents about two major housing development projects.  The project the St John’s and Greatness Lake areas of Sevenoaks proved much more acceptable locally than ‘Which Way Westerham?’ did:

The Draft Sevenoaks Northern Masterplan  was supported by 67% of local respondents, with 20% against.

‘Which Way Westerham?’ was supported by 22% of local respondents, with 73% against.


In its response to ‘Issues and Options’, Kent County Council believed that the ‘Which Way Westerham?’ proposal ‘would relieve some traffic congestion but would need a robust traffic assessment‘.

You will remember that we were told that the traffic survey conducted in Westerham at the end of September – early October was to gather data ahead of the  planning application for the Restoration of Covers Farm, and not for ‘Which Way Westerham?’…

You may wish to address queries concerning what will constitute a ‘robust traffic survey’ for the purposes for assessing ‘Which Way Westerham?’  to Sevenoaks District Council’s Chief Planning Officer, Richard Morris 

Local Plan Consultation Update: Executive Summary

Appendix 1 – Slides of the Consultation Findings

Appendix 2 – List of respondents and the responses of major stakeholders



86% were against the concept of ‘Which at Westerham?’ in the Town Council’s recent vote and survey.  Read more about this here



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