It’s time to vote Yes or No to ‘Which Way Westerham’

This week you should have received your voting papers from Westerham Town Council Please look out for it. Your view is important to the Town Council so please help them to represent your views by responding and either returning your vote in the pre-paid envelope enclosed or if you prefer to vote on-line access the question at

KWG urges you to vote No.

600 new homes for Westerham is disproportionate: the Objectively Assessed Need for Westerham, Brasted and Sundridge taken together is 474. Already from the 2015 version of the Local Plan, Westerhm has been allocated 154 homes.

Time disconnect house-building completion and bypass completion: SDC and WTC aware that Covers Farm and WWW are linked. The discrepancies in the timescales for these are unresolved. (Westerham Town Council ‘Keeping you Informed’ Meeting 13th Sep.)

600 houses in the WWW proposal – and recreational facilities for young people pledged – but no guarantee of timely extension of health or educational facilities:

Yes, the District promises ‘We will work with partners to ensure future growth is accompanied by new schools, health facilities, transport and open space’
SDC Local Plan – Issues and Options Consultation – Vision for the District

But look at the lesson from the Rywood 350-home development at Dunton Green.
An agreement was made between the developer and what was then the Primary Care Trust. Later it was decided that the proposed facility was not big enough and that provision of a surgery would have to wait until West Kent Clinical Commissioning Group reviewed the situation strategically. The houses are built. This hasn’t been resolved.


The big local landowner, Squerryes Estate, is aiming to get their massive property development project for our town included as an ‘approach’ in the District Council’s new Local Plan. The ‘Which Way Westerham’ proposal involves building 600 houses.

600 new houses would increase the population of central Westerham by one half.
They would change the character of this beautiful market town forever.

The planning system gives no guarantee of more doctors, health workers, a new primary school or of other community facilities.

Peak periods on the A25 would be even more congested with 600+ additional vehicles. More pressure at Oxted and Sevenoaks railway stations. More fumes, more noise, more vibration, more dust.

More than half of the District’s wards have no new massive housing projects being put forward – no Green Belt grabbing. Don’t listen to those who talk about ‘housing allocations’ or those who say, ‘They’ve got to build them somewhere’.

Westerham lies in the Green Belt, a policy preventing development and retaining our pleasant surroundings. National policy says that land can be released from the Green Belt only where there are ‘Exceptional Circumstances’.

Squerryes Estate is claiming that ‘Exceptional Circumstances’ exist in Westerham. They are saying that there need to be:

• 600 houses to help meet the Government-imposed house-building Objectively Assessed Number of needed dwellings. But they also say that this number is needed to pay for the other proposals.
• A new bypass extending from Beggars Lane across the London Road and then across the Croydon Road, continuing westward and then southward to join the A25.
• ‘Environmental improvements’ to the East and West of the town.
• Increased Common Land in the vicinity of the houses.

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