Tandridge District and Godstone Garden Village: council fails to get M25 Junction 6 money

Tandridge fails in Government bid

The Planning Inspector who examined the Tandridge District Council’s Draft Local Plan is due to report on his findings this spring.

It appears from the following communique that the Local Planning process is still in train, despite the Covid-19 pandemic.
It also appears that in connection with Tandridge’s proposed massive housing development, South Godstone Garden Village, in 2018-9 the Council submitted a bid for £57 million to the Government’s Housing Infrastrucure Fund for £57 milllion to improve the M25 Junction 6 as well as key junction at Felbridge in Surrey. The bid was unsuccessful in the current round of the Fund, the Governmnet saying that it was too soon to be thinking about the proposed South Godstone Garden Village.

Please see Tandridge’s notice by clicking here.


The Tandridge District Council Local Plan

For the recent letter from the Tandridge Local Plan Inspector, please click here.

Covers Farm Quarry Proposal

For the latest information on Covers Farm please click here.


Government advice on Covid-19 Coronavirus, 31st March

You can read the advice and a number of updates at this link …

… and some tips from the NHS on keeping your spirits up while managing this time at home



Sevenoaks District’s announcement on maintenance of services

Here is an announcement from Sevenoaks District Council about a few changes in the continuation of services


Here is the NHS announcment about the Covid-19 coronavirus




Sevenoaks Local Plan: Inspector’s report goes for non-adoption

The Planning Inspector has delivered the final blow to Sevenoaks District Council. Her  states that the submitted Local Plan will not be adopted. The grounds are non-compliance with the Duty to Cooperate. This is about the alleged lateness in SDC’s request to Tonbridge and Malling and Tunbridge Wells for help with the housing numbers shortfall.
Here is Sevenoaks District Council’s announcement
Here is the Report    Sevenoaks_Final_Report

Read this summary of the report.

Timeline post submission of the draft Local Plan

April 2019  – SDC submits its draft Local Plan 2015-2035 to the Secretary of State.

September 2019  – Examination Hearings begin

October 2019 – After two weeks the Planning Inspector stops the Hearings, saying that what she has read and heard during examination has given her “significant” concerns about the Plan. She mentions the  Plan’s Sustainability Appraisal and the Green Belt Assessment, but her main issue is the “significant failure” in  SDC’s Duty to Cooperate.

October 2019 –  SDC writes to the Inspector, asking her to explain the reasons behind her decision while detailing concerns about the impartiality of the examination process.

December 2019  – The Inspector replies to SDC to give them the option of withdrawing their Plan, so that she would not then have had to recommend non-adoption. SDC have not done so.

March 6th 2020 – The Inspector issues a report informing SDC that the Planning Inspectorate is not adopting the draft Local Plan.

Keep Westerham Green’s initial reaction to the Inspector’s Report

The Inspector concedes that the extent of the Green Belt is a significant constraint on all three planning authorities, ie Sevenoaks, Tonbridge andT unbridge Wells, and that there was no indication that the other two would have helped (Para 39) but she claims, disingenuously in our view, that ‘proper engagement at the right time would have enabled all three authorities and others in the wider area to properly grapple with the issues arising  (our underlining) arising from unmet housing need.’

The Inspector does not specify what she means by ‘properly grappling with the issues arising’. One could speculate that it means that Sevenoaks District Council should have abandoned its evidence-led and NPPF-compliant approach in making judgements about Exceptional Circumstances and Green Belt policy and should have instead caved in to Government pressure for more house building.

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