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The Keep Westerham Green Residents Group is sad to hear of the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and would wish to convey condolences to the Royal Family. Her Majesty was loved and respected for her sense of duty and steadfastness and will be greatly missed.

Parent campaigners push back against school bus service cuts

The former TW school bus services

Kent County Council were given notice of huge numbers of commercial bus withdrawals in June this year. Since the proposed cuts announced in July hundreds of school children have lost their bus to school. After weeks of campaigning, there has been some movement in reinstating some of the services.

The current situation for this September:

– Services withdrawn:- TW1: Noah’s Ark to Tunbridge Wells
– TW7: Weald village to Tunbridge Wells
– S1: Westerham to Sevenoaks Schools
– S8: Sevenoaks Bus Station to Sevenoaks Schools
– S13: Wilmington to Sevenoaks Schools

Services reinstated:
– The TW3
– The TW6
– The TW4, important for Westerham attending Tunbridge Wells schools. Bus and driver to be supplied by Go Coach. As before, the TW4 will start in Westerham asusual, but instead of joining the A21 in Sundridge for a direct route down to Tunbridge Wells, it will go through Sevenoaks via Sevenoaks Bus Station, then right throughSevenoaks , joining the A21 at Riverhill. In September, the TW4 will not go to Bennett Memorial School.

The three reinstated services, all double decker buses, will be rerouted to go via Sevenoaks Bus Station.

Westerham to Tunbridge Wells reinstated but over-full. No Bennett Memorial service.

Concerns about the re-instated services:

  • As stated before, the TW4 will not go to Bennett Memorial School.
  • Buses that are already full before they reach Sevenoaks won’t have the capacity to pick up extra passengers before they travel on to  schools in Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge.
  • Homeward journeys from Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge will see children from rural villages compete for spaces on their only bus with children travelling to Sevenoaks.

Concerns about the withdrawn services:
– Rerouting has led to Chipstead no longer having any buses. Children now have to walk to/from Chipstead corner and then attempt to cross a busy road and junction at rush hour with no pedestrian crossing.
– The TW3 no longer goes up Otford High St. Unsafe walk for 15 children.
– S1/S7 amalgamation, TW3/4/6. There could be capacity issues remain, with children being left behind on both outward and homeward journeys to and from their schools.

Parents: ‘An evidenced survey is needed.’

Parents of children attending Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge schools would like to see is an evidenced and systematic assessment of the bus network and timetables for all school children to be thoroughly assessed, with logical solutions for shorter, efficient, safe journeys. The original TW bus routes provided this.

Covers Farm decision October 2022 at the earliest

The Covers Farm application (KCC/SE/0495/2018): the hearing will not take place before October 2022.

If approved, the proposal would involve 84,200 four-axle tipper trucks bringing infill to the quarry from the south-east London area. There would be further lorries involved in creating the earth bunds required. The project is estimated to last six years.

For information about the ‘temporary’ haul road please click here.

Residents in north Westerham, parents of children at Churchill Primary School, residents of Brasted, Sundridge and Biggin Hill and Tatsfield will no doubt have their concerns about the potential harmful effects of so many lorries in terms of air quality, noise, vibration and the impact on residential amenity and the local highways.

The application states that there is no intention to route the lorries through Oxted or Limpsfield or to have access to the quarry via the existing entrance. 

You can read the objections submitted by Surrey County Council, London Borough of Bromley, and Sevenoaks District Council here.  On that page you will also see objections made by the MPs for East Surrey and Orpington. Westerham Town Council and Brasted and Sundridge & Ide Hill Parish Councils have objected to the proposal.

For more about the quarry and what’s being proposed, please click here

For more about the potential impact on air quality, and the additional noise and vibration likely to be generated by the lorries, click here

To read how the ‘haul’ road would present a potential hazard, click here.

For detail on how the application would result in a loss of biodiversity, click here

Update on the Sevenoaks Local Plan

Cllr Diana Esler had requested an update on where we are with the Sevenoaks Local Plan. SDC’s Stategic Planning Manager provided a statement that you can read below.

Where are we with the Sevenoaks Local Plan

Tandridge District’s Local Plan 2033

For all the recent updates on correspondence between Tandridge’s Planning Inspector and the Council, click here  Local Plan 2033 – Tandridge District Council

KWGRG’s appeal for funds

We’re still raising funds towards seeking expert opinion and producing campaign materials. If you are able to make a donation – £ 30, £10 or anything at all – it will make a big difference in the fight to prevent Westerham, Brasted, Sundridge and Biggin Hill from becoming blighted by eight-wheeler tipper trucks bringing inert waste along local roads for 6 years or more. An additional heavy lorry every 3 minutes, each weekday.

There are three ways to donate:

Drop in a cheque payable to ‘Keep Westerham Green Residents Group’ or cash to
‘Hunters’ 1A Fullers Hill, Westerham, TN16 1AF. Receipts will be noted.

Make a bank transfer to account name ‘Keep Westerham Green Residents Group’ at Barclays, sort code: 20 88 13, account number: 43902846.

A £10 donation via PayPal using a Debit or Credit Card.



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