Opposition to WWW from AONB and Natural England

Both Natural England (the non-departmental government body that protects our natural environment) and the Kent Downs AONB were highly critical of Which Way Westerham during this summer’s consultation.

Both were worried about the landscape impact of such a large-scale development. Being concerned with Sites of Special Scientific Interest, Natural England would want to see very well detailed measures to mitigate the impact.

Kent Downs AONB worried about the urbanizing impact.

Both stressed the high level of protection afforded by the AONB designation in the Government’s new guideline the NPPF July 2018.

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One thought on “Opposition to WWW from AONB and Natural England

  1. Today’s press and The Sevenoaks courier have brought attention to a dramatic Post-Brexit problem. A regular 10 mile “Operation Stack along the entire length of the M26. This is Sevenoaks District threatened by massive trucks finding other ways of getting through… and all this with trucks infilling Covers Pit and DPD TRUCKS around Westerham??? The Garden of England… not for long methinks??


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