Consultation: ‘Changes to the current planning system’

  1. The consultation Changes to the current planning system, closed on Thurs. 1st October

It was largely concerned with the proposed method for calculating the housing requirement.


  • Mandatory housing targets.
  • A universal method for assessing housing need, bringing into the calculation for the first time a percentage of the local authority’s housing stock, but crucially factoring in affordability.
  • Importantly, there would no longer be a cap on the resultant figure.

In the Sevenoaks District this would result in an additional 109 houses each year above the current Government requirement.  This is all part of the Government’s push to achieve 300K new houses per year nationwide and one million by the end of the parliament in 2024. (270K per year were scheduled in the local plans across England.) 

Please read Keep Westerham Green’s response to the consultation here

Response to Changing the current planning system_Final