North Westerham: implications of the Covers Farm infill

In the map below the M25 AQMA for nitrous oxide (NO2) already overlays the northern part of Beggars Lane. The eastern end of Ash Road also falls within it. 42,000 additional tipper trucks on Beggars Lane will worsen air quality for residents here.

In the lower half of the map, left of centre, you can see that also the Churchill Primary School is very close to this AQMA. The proposed haul road will run between the M25 and the school, creating for the children even greater exposure to harmful NO2 for the six-year duration of the project.

Noise and vibration

42,000 additional tipper trucks on Beggars Lane will worsen the extent of noise and vibration for nearby residents.

The proximity of the haul road to the primary school will also mean that the pupils will endure the noise and vibration emanating from the HGVs for 6 years.

Traffic generation and road safety

For traffic implications, please see also the page on the ‘temporary’ haul road.

Sevenoaks District Council objected to the Covers Farm proposal on the grounds of worsened air quality, noise and vibration affecting residents in north Westerham and Churchill School pupils.

To read Sevenoaks District Council’s objection to the application, please click below. SDC_21_00239_KCCRG3-OBJECTION_-_KCC-2581644DOWNLOAD

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