Covers Farm: implications for Tatsfield

The application KCC/SE/0495 has proposed that as a route from the proposed ‘Source zone D’ in the Coulsdon area, could be the stretch of the B2024 known as Clark’s Lane, which comes past Tatsfield village and which joins the Croydon Road at Pilgrims Way. The application suggested that up to 15% of the 200 lorries per day might use this route.

Here is some extracts from Surrey County Council’s objection to application number KCC/SE/0495:

‘The stretch of the B2024 known as Clarks Lane from its junction with Pilgrims Lane to Tatsfield Court Farm) which is the narrowest section varying in width between approximately 5.12 m to 4.32 m at its narrowest point. This is not sufficient to allow either two HGV’s to pass each other or a car and an HGV at its narrowest point. The increased use of HGVs along this narrow section of road could result in two HGVs meeting each other with no way of passing which could lead to one of them having to undertake a dangerous reversing manoeuvre back along the road in order to allow the other to pass. This section of the road is subject to a 60 mph speed limit and steeply sloping leading down from the North Downs and is therefore particularly hazardous for vehicles during adverse weather conditions such as snow and ice, where it is more difficult for vehicles to brake quickly should they meet another vehicle or HGV travelling from the opposite direction.

The B269 from its junction with the C81 Bluehouse Lane to the roundabout junction with the B2024 has two short sections of road where it varies in width from 5.3 m to approximately 4.9 m.

The Transport Statement submitted with the application states that an estimated 15% of the HGV traffic would route along the B2024 and have considered the impact on a worst case scenario of up to 200 movements over an 11 hour working day which would equate to 3 vehicles per hour or one every 20 mins along an unsuitable route. It is noted this is the only B road included in the proposed routing plan.

We are also concerned that HGV’s from other zones particularly Zone D will deviate from their agreed routes and travel along the B2024. We recognise that the routeing plan stipulates which routes vehicles should use and would request that this plan should be as robust and enforceable as possible to ensure that this does not happen.’

You can read the full objections made by Surrey CC, Bromley Borough Council and Sevenoaks District Council to the Covers Farm application KCC/SE/0495/2018 here.

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