Covers Farm: November-December Consultation

Consultation has now closed on Morants Promotions Ltd’s (Squerryes Estate’s) planning application to Kent County Council for a revised restoration plan to return the Covers Farm quarry site. Nevertheless you can still read the application here.

The original planning approval required re-arrangement of excavated material in site only. However, in this application Squerryes claim that the original plan fails to deal with stabilisation and drainage issues from water accumulation in the northern lake on the site. Much of the justification for this revised restoration plan rests on technical and environmental issues, which Westerham Town Council, Keep Westerham Green and Westerham Town Partnership have analysed with the help of technical experts, in preparation of a joint response to Kent County Council Planning.

For WTC’s response:
wtc_proposed stabilisation and restoration of covers sand pit wtc v2

For Pete Anstock’s response
pa comments on kcc_se_0495_2018 (1)

For Jenny Cowan’s individual response

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