The Covers Farm Quarry Stabilisation/Restoration proposal


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For the most recent material on the Covers Farm application ref KCC/0495/2018 please click here

The proposed ‘temporary’ road or ‘haul’ road

To spare Westerham High Street from all these lorries, Morants proposes a  ‘temporary’ road  between the BP garage roundabout and the Croydon Road. The Further Information  continues to suggest that this is a 4-metre width road with passing places.

Noise, dust and fumes for Churchill School Primary Children

Churchill C of E School Primary pupils will have to endure the construction of the haul road, the construction of the earthworks and then the 5+ years of 84,000  lorries toing and froing between the Croydon Road and the Beggars Lane roundabout.



Dangerous convergence at the BP garage roundabout

The haul road is single width. The traffic figures suggest that there would be a lorry every three minutes. Where do the arriving lorries, waiting to join the haul road, park up?  As they wait in the mornings for the quarry site to open, where will they park up?

Danger of lorries on Westerham Hill

The “Routeing proposal” currently implies that there could be more than an extra 100 lorries per day connected with Covers Farm.  Having a maximum gradient of 18% (average 9%) there are no passing places on this winding hill.  Bromley Borough Council made an objection to this application.

Croydon Road – dangerous stop light location

Where the 200 daily lorry journeys would intercept the Croydon Road, at Point B above, a stop light is proposed.   You can see that this in the 60 mph limit zone, on a bend where it emerges from the M25 underpass. A lorry every three minutes. The haul road is wide enough for single file  traffic only. We shall leave you to consider the risks of all of this.

Paragraph 109 of the National Planning Policy Framework 
Development should only be prevented or refused if there would be an unacceptable impact on highway safety, or the residual cumulative effect on the road network would be severe. ‘ (NPPF, July 2018)

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