Force Green Lane Rush Hour Danger: ‘Doggy Day Centre’ proposal


A change of use proposal in Force Green Lane would mean many additional vans and cars turning in out of the narrow Force green Lane into the 60mph Biggin Hill Road (A233). Have your say by Monday 15th June with Sevenoaks District Council.
Quote reference 20/01170/FUL

What’s proposed:

The conversion and change of use of an existing agricultural building and land to a dog day care business (sui generis = “of its kind”). Land South of Force Green Farm, Force Green Lane Westerham, KENT TN16 2DN Consultation.
130 dogs proposed in Phase 1, building to 300 dogs in Phase 2. Traffic: Individual customers dropping off and picking up their dogs. Dogs arriving from south-east London in vans – all during the morning and evening rush-hour. Also, staff (up to 13(?)) arriving and leaving in the rush hour. Dog day care businesses generally involve customers dropping off their dogs on the way to work and picking them up after work.
You will also have the staff arriving and leaving.

Latest date to let Westerham Town Council know what you think: ASAP. They’ll collate people’s views. Westerham Town Council Town Clerk Angela Howells,
Force Green (1)
Force Green Lane junction with Biggin Hill Road – proposed change to access and exit in Appl. 20/01170/FUL. Note: Inbound and Ourbound are wrongly labelled

Keep Westerham Green is concerned about …

You will of course have your own particular concerns and understand the importance of using your own phrases.
– Noise nuisance for residents up to quite far afield. 300 dogs proposed by phase 2. Application’s noise assess
ment is based on just one dog barking.
– Traffic hazard
The customer/ ‘doggy bus’ /staff/ delivery vehicles arriving and departing during the rush hours. would be a traffic hazard (National Planning Policy Paragraph 109).  From the south turning right crossing the A233 (the Biggin Hill road) in the 60 mph zone and in from either north or south negotiating sharp bends into and out of Force Green Lane, a single track road.
Visibility issues in a 60mph road.
See the proposed routing if incoming and outgoing below (which they’ve labelled the wrong way round -see above).
Force Green Lane is single track – customer traffic meeting farm vehicles and delivery
If traffic strays northward on to the Pilgrims Way, turning left or right onto the A233 would be hazardous, at the blind junction.
– Inappropriate in the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (NPPF Paragraph 170). The proposed roof is a shiny shed visible from the North Downs to the north of the site, spoiling the landscape. The development would increase traffic, inappropriate in this AONB.
– Job creation? (NPPF Paragraph 83) Would this create more jobs or take work away from other groomers and dog walkers in the area? It’s proposed that ‘doggy’ van owners take their vans home at the end of the day. Local employment?


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