Parcel Depot Revised Plan Feb 2019


• Roxhill Developments Ltd have submitted revised plans to the parcel super depot planning application involving reducing the height of the main building from 10.8 metres to 8.9 meters and revising the parking and landscaping layouts. The Reference Number is 2018/1792/1

• The revised plans to the application 2018/1792 were posted on the Tandridge District Council Website on the 5th February. You can view these in “view all documents” by copying the following link into your browser. Any problems, just email

• The consultation period ends on 20th February, but KWG has been told that comments will be received up until 26th February. This is the deadline that has been given to the SDC Planning Policy Team.

What is not changing in these revisions

• The revised proposal intends replacing the existing run-down storage and warehousing of the tiles facility with a HUGE super depot within the Green Belt and the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

• The footprint of the depot remains at 5,595 m2 – a huge development in any location let alone one which calls for the highest levels of landscape protection (NPPF 2018 para 172).

• Activity at the site will take place 24/7 which was never the case when the site was a tileworks.

• The estimated parcel output of up to 30,000 parcels a day does not take into account the New Hinckley site coming on stream in 2020.

• The inexplicable acceptance by SCC and KCC highways of the developers traffic figures which take no account of the impact on the minor roads off the A25 nor when the M25 is all to frequently disrupted.

• If approval is granted, TDC will have no effective control over the future expansion of the site.

Save Oxted’s Roads and Environment’s (SORES’s) comments on the revised plans

• The Reduction in the height of the depot will have little visual impact on this massive building. The new building remains substantially larger than the existing structures.

• The scale and appearance will remain totally unsuited to the Green Belt and the Surrey Hills AONB. TDC must take into account NPPF para 172 which states “that great weight should be given to conserving……..Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty which have the highest status of protection”

• The Very special circumstances that are required for developments within the Green Belt (NPPF para 143) have still not been satisfied and parcel distribution depot is not listed in the exceptions for the construction of new buildings in the Green Belt. (NPPF para 145)

• Changes to the landscaping around the main entrance will have minimal impact in improving the unacceptable nature of this development.

• Essentially, the previous application was rejected in 2015 and the reason why this application was deemed an “inappropriate development in the Green Belt “ and “would result in significant harm to the openness due to the scale of the development combined with the size, massing and height of the building” remains UNCHANGED as does the “significant other harm to the Surrey Hills AONB.

Disappointingly, KCC Highways did not object to the traffic report and travel plan. Read this here.

Read Westerham Town Council’s objection to the main application.

What you need to do now

Write to Tandridge District Council outlining your objection to the revised plans. Please note: the deadline is 20th February.
Email or write to Lesley Westphal, Tandridge District Council, 8 Station Road East, Oxted, RH8 OBT.

See the revised layout here
Revised site layout plan

See the revised elevation here
Revised elevations

See the revised landscaping round the entrance here (which will make little or no improvement)

See the agent’s accompanying letter here

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