The temporary haul road

To spare Westerham High Street from the lorries, the applicant proposes a  ‘temporary’ road  between the BP garage roundabout and the Croydon Road. This would be a 4-metre wide road with passing places (pecked line on map below).

Its route  just happens to trace the road proposed in the Which Way Westerham project that served approximately 160 dwellings. This was rejected by Sevenoaks District Council, but KWG understands that there has been a new submission in the Emerging Plan Call for Sites.  


The Covers Farm application has rejected the possibility of routing the trucks in from the west, via Junction 6 of the M25. The applicant has chosen a contractor that will supply waste from south and south-east London, so residents of north Westerham, Biggin Hill, Brasted and Sundridge are expected to endure the high volume of tipper trucks as a result of this choice. With a different choice of sources THE LORRIES COULD HAVE COME FROM THE WEST to the existing quarry entrance on the A25 (A) on the map.

Noise, fumes and dust for Churchill Primary Children

The route of the haul road passes Churchill Primary School at a distance of about 150 metres at one point (see below).

Noise:  As they take six months to build the haul road, their estimated noise level impact on your child will be 50 decibels. This is already the World Health Organisation’s recommended limit. Then there’ll be the noise of the trucks operating every day for 5+ years.

Fumes: Right now Churchill Primary School is just outside the M25’s Nitrous Oxide Air Quality Monitoring Area.   84,200 lorries going back and forth on the haul road will make the air pollution worse.  

Dust: The photo shows the dust generated during the construction of a haul road near Biggin Hill.

Dangerous convergence at the BP garage roundabout

The haul road is single width. The traffic figures suggest that there would be a lorry every three minutes. Where do the arriving lorries, waiting to join the haul road, park up? 

Danger of lorries on Westerham Hill

The “Routeing proposal” currently implies that there could be more than an extra 100 lorries per day going up and down Westerham Hill.  Having a maximum gradient of 18% (average 9%) this winding hill has no verge and no passing place.

Croydon Road – dangerous stop light location

Where the 200 daily lorry journeys would intercept the Croydon Road, at Point B on map above, a stop light is proposed.   You can see that this in the 60 mph limit zone, on a bend where it emerges from the M25 underpass. There would be a lorry every three minutes here.  We leave you to consider the risks of all of this.

The relevant piece of Government guidance for planning decisions here is Paragraph 111 of the National Planning Policy Framework (revised 2021):

‘Development should only be prevented or refused if there would be an unacceptable impact on highway safety, or the residual cumulative effect on the road network would be severe. ‘      

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