WWW and other developers appeal SDC’s decision

Which Way Westerham challenging  the Sevenoaks draft Local Plan

Which Way Westerham has been arguing against the Sevenoaks draft Local Plan because it omits their proposal for “600 houses, a relief road, environmental and landscape improvements and community facilities”.

For certain aspects WWW has clubbed together with other developers who have had their proposals rejected, appointing Lichfields Planning to represent them. For others, WWW has been represented by Now Planning Ltd, the consultancy who worked for them earlier.

During Weeks 1 and 2 the hearings scrutinised the draft Plan’s key issues and policies:

– Legality & Duty to Cooperate

– Soundness, which is broken down into

Sustainability, Strategy for Growth, Green Belt, Housing Needs and Housing Supply

Click on the three links below to read each of Squerryes’ written representations submitted ahead of the hearings

4822_Squerryes_Estates_Issue_.3_Sustainability_Appraisal_ (1)

4822_Squerryes_Estates_Issue_4_Strategy_for_Growth_ (1)

4822_Squerryes_Estates_Issue_6_Housing_Need__requirement_and_distributions (1)

The hearings are now in recess.

After a four-week break the Inspector will scrutinise the sites that SDC have included in the Plan  and finally any policies not previously discussed.

You will find all the SDC documents concerning these hearings if you paste the following link in your browser


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