Objections to the third Moorhouse Parcel Depot application 2018

The official deadline for the Moorhouse Depot consultation elapsed on 13th Oct. However Tandridge District Council Planning said that they would accept comments up until mid-November. There have been unsubstantiated rumours that they would not consider material after 31st October.

It is possible that a decision will be made on Moorhouse at one of the two Tandridge Planning Advisory Committee meetings in December – either the 13th or the 19th. It is equally possible that the decision will happen in the new year.

Here you can read Keep Westerham Green’s Objection:

Objection_The Keep Westerham Green Residents Group

Here is the list of points for clarification sought by Westerham Town Council with regard to the Moorhouse Depot. It follows and analysis of figures presented in the Transport Assessment submitted with the application and with DPD’s own website material.

WTC Moorhouse KCC bullets FINAL (1)

By going to the ‘Objections to Moorhouse’ page at http://www.keepwesterhamgreen.co.uk can read a very good objection made by Westerham resident, Derek Stirling.

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